Rental Chain

WELCOME to Rental Chain the platform to work and earn passive income on the blockchain.

We develop and configure the most advanced servers for the blockchain industry and then rent them out for monthly rental yields

With Rental Chain you can earn as a server owner who rents out servers to companies on the blockchain or as an agent working from home

Rental Chain offers all individuals an opportunity to earn passively 1.5-7% monthly

Server rental income you can depend on in times of turmoil. We stood the test of Covid-19 and prevailed

Compound your earnings with Rental Chain and grow your wealth at a faster rate. The 1st Wonder of wealth creation is compounding, do it with Rental Chain

About Us

Rental Chain is a blockchain platform that allows clients and agents to earn from the lucrative blockchain industry without exposure to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. As a company we build the infrastructure on which the industry runs on call servers. We are to the blockchain industry what the developers are to the real estate or property markets.


We offer two main products:

Rental Chain provides opportunities where individuals can set up servers through us, and rent them to some of our partners for a rental fee or yield monthly. The platform also allows individuals to become agents to the platform and earn commissions through introductions or affiliate remote working.

Server Rental Programs for All

This program allows clients (those funding server set up through Rental Chain) and agents (those working as agents) to earn passive income through servers rented out to Rental Chain Partners (companies renting servers from Rental Chain). To earn rental income through this service, you must choose from a list of servers below and then fund their development and configuration. Once they are configured, they will automatically be placed with our partners and begin generating you passive income in 7-10 days.

To start earning monthly passive or residual income choose from the list of servers below and use one of the available options to fund their set up. Once the set up is complete (in 7-10 days) you will begin earning immediately.

Virtual Servers

A virtual server is a cost-effective server that we set up and deploy for clients and agents with smaller budgets. These servers are set up to specifically perform certain tasks on the blockchain like validation and confirmation of transactions. They are usually shared with many other users on the same data base.

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Dedicated Servers

As the name applies it’s a server dedicated to a single person, within a database. Dedicated servers are more expensive to build and once build they are customised to perform certain functionalities on their own within the blockchain. They allow for POS, Staking, Masternoding, transaction validations, block hashing as well as governance within the blockchain ecosystem.

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Enterprise Servers

Our enterprise servers are set up to server the needs of small businesses in the blockchain. These are powerful machines set up with powerful algorithms allowing them to serve the need of an enterprise rather than just a dedicated server. They are faster and more resilient and as such yield much better in terms of monthly rental incomes.

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Industrial Servers

Industrial servers are the most powerful servers we develop and configure. They are placed with or rented to some of the most advanced blockchains and handle about any operations and transactions in the blockchain. Their processing speeds are extremely fast, their storage capacity industrial. They are reliable for long term durability and yield very good rental incomes.

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Remote Working for Agents


As a passive income platform, Rental Chain provides and gives opportunities for clients to become agents working with and for the platform. This opportunity is meant to provide students with a source of income, the unemployed with part-time work, the employed with a ‘side-hustle’ as well as those basically looking to have another income source other than their main source of income.

Our goal as a company is to bring together 500,000 agents from across the world working through our platform and helping the blockchain industry to grow to its fullest potential. As of today, the blockchain industry is shaping how information is shared, how our financial transactions are made, how communication, transportation, agriculture, education and about every other industry is managed.

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