Dedicated Server


As the name applies it’s a server dedicated to a single person, within a database. Dedicated servers are more expensive to build and once build they are customised to perform certain functionalities on their own within the blockchain.

They allow for POS, Staking, Masternoding, transaction validations, block hashing as well as governance within the blockchain ecosystem.


Below is a table showing you cost and potential yields of a dedicated server with our Server rental program

Rental Chain Dedicated Server

Asset Value
Server Price €500 - €4,999
Monthly Rent yield (projected) 3 – 4 % Monthly
Annual Rent (projected) 36 – 48% Yearly
Set Up fee 5% of Server Price
Duration of Contract 10 months Minimum
Early Redemption Penalty (emergencies) 30% of Server Price
Frequency of Pay-out Monthly in arrears
Capital is refundable? Yes
Minimum Withdrawal €100