Remote Working for Agents


As a passive income platform, Rental Chain provides and gives opportunities for clients to become agents working with and for the platform. This opportunity is meant to provide students with a source of income, the unemployed with part-time work, the employed with a ‘side-hustle’ as well as those basically looking to have another income source other than their main source of income.

Our goal as a company is to bring together 500,000 agents from across the world working through our platform and helping the blockchain industry to grow to its fullest potential. As of today, the blockchain industry is shaping how information is shared, how our financial transactions are made, how communication, transportation, agriculture, education and about every other industry is managed.

However, as an industry, the blockchain is still a very young industry. Experts estimate that by the close of this decade, it should become a 50 trillion-dollar industry from the mere 2 trillion-dollar industry it is estimated to be today.

So, by signing up and working with Rental Chain, you are also positioning yourself to benefit from this buoyant and rapidly advancing industry.

What you will be expected to do

As an agent, you will be expected to present our server offerings to potential buyers. This means selling the different server types we have. You will do this through presentations and permission only calls. You will prospect for new business and build a portfolio of data centres.

To do the above, will require you to have access to internet and mobile device or PC as well as trainings from our teams.

How You Earn (Revenue Model):

There are two primary ways you earn working with Rental Chain

1) 10% Commissions on yields made by your introductions:

This being a passive income platform means, that once you introduce a client and they purchase or set up a server with Rental Chain, every month end you will earn 10% of whatever they make. For example, if you introduce a client who purchases a dedicated server of €10,000 and they receive rental yields of €1000 a month, it means you (the agent) will earn €100 every month for as long as that client remains with Rental Chain. The good thing about this is that, if all your clients purchase servers to the tune of a €1million euros, and earn rental yields of €100,000 monthly, then you their agent will earn €10,000 every month for as long as they remain with Rental Chain.

2) Retainers (€250-€3000):

The retainer is an additional monthly payment you will get for achieving or reaching certain milestones. So, between the 10% commission and the retainer, you should be earning enough to eventually make this one of your main sources of income.


To qualify for a Retainer as an agent you must meet the following requirements. This means the total volumes of your server sales must be greater than or equals to the following:

No Min Amount Retainer
1 Total sales: €100,000 = €250
2 Total sales: €250,000 = €500
3 Total sales: €500,000 = €1000
4 Total sales: €750,000 = €1500
5 Total sales: €1,000,000 = €3000

So, the retainers above are paid in addition to the 10% commission that you get from each client.

How Much You Can Earn Exemplified.

Now let’s look at what you can make over time if you work as an agent with Rental Chain:

1) Example 1:

Let’s assume you start off by selling a few servers worth a total of €10,000 and the owners of these servers earn an average of 5% every month which is €500. This means you will begin immediately to earn €50 every month as a commission. This will equate to €600 a year only from these few servers.

In this case you won’t get a retainer because you have not reached the €100,000 threshold.

2) Example 2:

In this example let’s assume you have now sold servers worth a total of €100,000 and these servers generate an average of 5% a month as rental yields. This means the owners earn a combined €5000 every month and as such you will earn 10% of the €5000 which is €500.

In this case you will earn €500 plus €250 because you have now met the retainer threshold or €100,000. So, from this point on as an agent, you will be earning €750 a month or €9000 every year working from home.

Note: in the examples above, if the yield is higher in a month, then so will your earnings increase, and if yields are lower it will reflect in a similar way.

Also note that: since over 80% of our clients compound their returns monthly, it means you will actually be getting more back in terms of income from the compounded yields as well. For example, if out of the €10,000 euro earned as income from your introduced sales, €8000 is compounded for the following months, then it means for the following month, you will also earn 10% income on the €8000 as well as the new €10,000 in new month yields. Meaning instead of making 10% on €10,000 alone, you will actually make 10% on €18,000. This will translate to €1800 for you instead of just €1000.

That is the beauty of working with Rental Chain as an agent.

Steps In Signing-Up as an agent or remote worker:

  • You must purchase a server of your own be it a virtual or cloud server. You can go here to purchase your server
  • Attend an orientation training
  • Join our agents’ group for updates and trainings as well as news updates
  • Regularly update your clients of the company’s rental yields paid out weekly